Erotic massage is an intimate, sensual activity that goes beyond the traditional massage experience. It’s not aimed at resolving chronic pain or treating physical ailments; instead, it’s focused on helping you to wind down and tap into your pleasure centres. Whether you’re looking for a stimulating way to reduce stress, want to discover your own body with your partner, or are just curious about exploring new senses, there’s an erotic massage for you. In this blog, we’ll look at 7 types of erotic massage that you’ll want to explore.

Body to Body Massage

One of the most popular erotic massage types is body to body massage. This massage technique uses warm, Kaiser oil and sometimes scented lotions to reduce friction as your masseuse glides their body against yours. Regarded as an astronomically sensual experience, body to body massage can help to cultivate trust and promote intimacy between partners. While the masseuse does the majority of the work, you can be part of the experience by using your hands to massage your partner during the session.

Tantric Massage

Tantra is an ancient practice designed to open up spiritual and emotional bonds between couples through an exchange of energy. Tantric massage is a powerful form of erotic massage which focuses on stimulating and heightening the senses, rather than solely relying on physical pleasure. Your masseuse will expertly use hands, body, and even some breathing techniques to elevate your tantric massage experience. They’ll also show you how to increase or decrease the sensations on your own or with a partner, so you can utilise these techniques in the bedroom.

Lingam Massage

Lingam massage is a type of erotic massage specifically designed for men. It focuses on providing sexual stimulation to the lingam, which is the Sanskrit word for penis, and if done properly, it can lead to an incredibly powerful orgasm. During the massage, the masseuse will use pressure and stroking around the groin area and sometimes focus on the base, middle and tip of the lingam. They may also massage the prostate and use breathing techniques for a more intense experience.

Yoni Massage

Yoni massage is the female equivalent of a lingam massage and is designed to diminish tension and pain in the pelvic area while providing deep pleasure. The masseuse uses various massage techniques to stimulate the vulva and clitoris with soft feathers, silk, ordevices such as wands. Yoni massage can also encourage orgasmic and emotional healing, and can allow menstrual cramps, theynonucleoses and other gynaecological illnesses to be remedied.

Nuru Massage

Nuru massage is a type of erotic massage in which both partners are initially nude. Nuru gel, derived from seaweed, is then thrown onto the body and the masseuse uses their own body to massage the recipient, employing long, gliding strokes. This massage technique can gradually increase in intensity over time, and its popularity lies in its slippery, sensual stimulation. Nuru massages can easily be adapted to fit two people, so it’s a perfect way to explore with a partner.

Aromatherapy Massage

Aromatherapy is a practice that uses essential oils to bring about physical and emotional balance in the body. An aromatherapy massage combines the effects of essential oils with massage strokes that encourage relaxation and sexual stimulation at the same time. Different essential oils can have different sensations on the body – for example, lavender can be calming, while rosemary can be wildly stimulating.

Couples Massage

If you’re looking to explore erotic massage with a partner, couples massage could be the perfect option for you. In couples massage, one partner will receive the massage and the other will observe to help the masseuse focus on providing pleasure-oriented strokes. This type of massage emphasises touch and provides space for the couple to connect while exploring their sense of touch.


Erotic massage is a form of massage designed to provide pleasure and physical stimulation, rather than focus on healing physical ailments. It’s an incredibly intimate experience that can create powerful connections between partners and allow you to explore your own body in a new way. From body to body and couples massages to more targeted techniques like lingam and yoni, there’s a wealth of erotic massages to delve into. So whether you’re looking to revel in sensuality with a partner or are simply curious to discover a whole new realm of pleasure, erotic massage could be the perfect one for you.