If you’re looking to add more sizzle to your bedroom, there are a few simple sex tips that can help. From exploring new positions to buying some sexy lingerie, improvement of your sex life doesn’t have to involve anything too outlandish. With a few basic tips and tricks, you can spice up your intimate life and enjoy a better, more pleasurable experience with your partner.

1. Explore New Positions
If you’ve been sticking to the same bedroom routine, you may want to explore other sexual positions. Once you’re used to the motion of a certain position, your body can become conditioned to that stimuli, which may result in a decline of pleasure. Try anything from doggy style to spooning for a renewed sense of excitement and pleasure during sex.

2. Buy Some New Toys
You don’t have to put money into a wild, battery-powered vibrator if that isn’t your speed. Even getting a few new massage oils or some lacy lingerie can help to enhance the pleasure of the experience for you and your partner.

3. Talk to Your Partner
You’d be surprised how often couples just jump into bed without talking about what they want or where they’d like to take the experience. Talking to your partner beforehand can make a world of difference in terms of the pleasure that you get out of the experience. Just saying something like “I’d love it if you touched me here” and indicating your pleasure zones can make a big difference.

4. Change Up Your Location
Sex doesn’t always have to take place in the bedroom. Changing up the scenery and making love outside, on the roof, or on the beach can add a whole new level of excitement and spice to your intercourse. Of course, keep in mind local laws that may put a damper on your outdoor rendezvous.

5. Take Care of Yourself
Before you can even think about having great sex with your partner, you need to make sure that you’re taking care of yourself as well. Make sure you’re getting enough rest, eating healthy, and taking time to de-stress and relax. If you’re taking proper care of your health, your bedroom performances will flow more naturally and you’ll have more energy for experimentation.

6. Mix Up Your Foreplay
Physical touch and stimulation are important components of sex, but verbal play and mood music can also be powerful enhancers. Instead of just getting right down to business, try to set a sultry atmosphere where you can appreciate each other and take pleasure in the moment. Light a few candles, turn on a sensual playlist, and make sure the environment is conducive to mutual pleasure before you proceed.

7. Strengthen Your Connection
Having a deeper, personal connection with your partner can be the key to making incredible sex a regular occurrence. Trying different activities and talking about deeper topics can help you to understand your partner on a deeper level. This is sure to come in handy on those nights when you’re both feeling the heat.

Making sexual experiences better doesn’t have to be complicated. With these seven simple sex tips, you can spice up your bedroom antics and make the experience more pleasurable for you and your partner. From talking more openly to exploring new positions, you can find all kinds of ways to add excitement to your intimate life.